Committee & Staff

Committee & Staff

Linda Knight   –  Housing Officer

I worked for a number of years as a recruitment consultant and I have also worked in the social care sector, supporting vulnerable children and adolescents and managing the day to day running of a children’s home.

I started working for Two Towers in 2013 and have worked as the Receptionist and as the Administrative Assistant. In 2014 I took up the position of Housing Assistant incorporating the management of Rent Collection and Housing Repairs within my role.

Amanda Blondel – Administrative Assistant

I started work in the Rag Trade in 1981; from there I went to work in the Civil Service working in various sections of the organisation.   I worked for the Export Credit Guarantee Department (ECGD) in an administrative capacity for almost 20 years after which I took voluntary Redundancy and went to University where I gained a degree in ‘English with Creative Writing’. I also have a Diploma in Business and Finance.

After completing my university course I worked in a customer services centre, for a company who dealt with dry cleaning, repairs and ran a towel laundry service. The centre dealt with over 20 companies and had many varied customers.

I am involved in the voluntary sector in Lewisham and am on the Board of an international non-profit organisation that provides scholarships for sportsmen and women to study in the USA.

I am working at Two Towers on a temporary contract.  Since being here I have further enhanced my Customer Service expertise and am constantly gaining new skills.