Paying Your Rent

Paying Your Rent

Rent collection is an important part of what we do at Two Towers. Two Towers has to pay all of the rent tenants should pay to Southwark Council at the end of each quarter. If tenants don’t pay, monies that should be spent on repairs and maintenance has to be used to make up the shortfall.

To ensure that we are able to maintain our homes we must ensure that all rents are paid.

Rent is due each Monday for the following week, this is a condition of the tenancy agreement however you can pay any day during that week, every 2 weeks or every month but rent should always be paid in advance.

How to Pay Your Rent

 Two Towers banks with Lloyds Bank Our account details are: sort code 30.97.90 account no. 26699260. All rent account numbers begin with 077 and tenants must use this number to enable us to identify their payments.

Tenants may choose to pay through their own bank or with a paying in book provided by the TMO.

If You Can’t Pay Your Rent 

  • You may be entitled to Housing Benefit and you should contact the nearest One-Stop-Shop for details of how to make a claim or visit the Southwark Council website or call 020 7525 2600.
  • You should contact the TMO Office for an appointment to make an arrangement to catch up on payments and to clear any arrears you may have.

Missing Payments

If any of the payments you have made do not show on your rent account please contact the office as soon as possible so that we can contact the bank and help to find the missing payment.

Rent Arrears

The Management Committee have recently revised the Rent Collection and Arrears Control Procedure and work to collect rents and arrears will be a high priority for our staff.

We will continue to encourage you to pay your rent on time and meet with you to help you reduce any arrears.

If you have rent arrears of approximately £2000 or are 10 weeks in arrears and have not kept to your agreement to repay the arrears, your rent account will be handed back to Southwark Council for them to start legal action.

We will also hand your rent account to Southwark, if you are on benefits and your rent account has not reduced by £169 (£3.25 per week) in the year, or if you are in full time employment and your rent account has not reduced by £364 (£7.00 per week) in the year.

If you fail to make regular payments or make arrangements and repeatedly fail to keep to them, and your rent account continues to be in arrears, we will hand your rent account back to Southwark Council who will commence legal action against you which may result in you losing your home.

The full copy of the revised Rent Collection and Arrears Control Procedure

can be obtained from the Two Towers’ office on request.

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