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Two Towers Continuation Ballot

As part of the Management Agreement with Southwark Council, Two Towers is required to consult with all tenants and leaseholders on whether or not to continue with this Management Agreement.

We are asking you to vote, by secret ballot, to find out if you want the TMO (Tenant Management Organisation) to carry on managing our estate for another 5 years.

The alternative is that the Council takes over providing the housing management and repairs services for your property.


The History of Two Towers Housing Co-op

Two Towers Housing Co-op grew from a Tenants Association set up in 1993. Tenants and leaseholders were concerned about declining standards in management, cleanliness and maintenance of the blocks from Southwark Council and decided to do something about it.

Following a Development training programme Two Towers took over the management of Lupin Point and Casby House in May 1999 under a Management Agreement between the Co-op and Southwark Council and is one of more than 15 TMO’s in Southwark.

Two Towers Housing Co-op is a bona-fide Co-operative within the meaning of the Co-operative Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. It is a non-profit making organisation, however the TMO may use any surpluses it makes for the benefit of the estate.

Two Towers provides housing management, maintenance and estate services for both Lupin Point and Casby House and the Co-op office is based on the ground floor at Lupin Point.  A Co-operative Manager, a Housing Assistant and an Administrator deal with the day-to-day management of Two Towers but policy decisions are made by the Management Committee comprising of both tenants and leaseholders. We also employ 2 Caretakers.

Membership of the TMO is open to any resident of Two Towers who is over the age of 18 and legally resides within the two blocks. The only qualification needed to join the Management Committee is that you are a tenant/leaseholder and have paid your £1 for a share.

The TMO relies on its tenants and leaseholders as participants. All new tenants are encouraged to join the housing co-op and play an active part in the running of the organisation whether it is just attending General Meetings or joining the Committee or a Sub Committee.

To find out if residents still want Two Towers to continue to manage the estate, we would be very grateful if you would complete and return the enclosed ballot paper in the addressed envelope provided.

A YES vote will mean the continuation of Two Towers with an on-site office and our own staff, with regular information and consultation on estate matters and improvements.

A NO vote will mean the decision making and management will be taken over by the Council. All repairs and enquires being dealt with by Southwark Council’s Call Centre and website.

Envelopes can be handed in at the TMO office during office opening hours and opening hours will be extended to 7.00pm on 14th & 15th of June, alternatively envelopes can be placed in the ballot box in the communal area of Casby House.

Although your address shows on the return envelope the ballot is a secret ballot (similar to that of the Local Government Elections) the address detail is to check who has returned their votes and to enter your address into our prize draw which will be held at the General Meeting on Monday 27th June. There will be a prize drawn for each block.

Please ensure that your envelope is returned by 10:00 a.m. on Monday 20th June.

The most important thing is that we get the opinion of as many of our residents as possible (a minimum of 70% response is necessary) however we hope that you will express your support for the work that Two Towers is doing and hopes to continue to do in the future by taking the time to vote.

The results will be given at the General Meeting and the raffle for the 2 prizes held, a newsletter will follow to all on the estate.


If you have any queries about the ballot please contact

Amanda, Linda or Val at the Two Towers office on:-

Phone: 020 7237 9943

or email: